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Grieving Overwhelmed Widows Negotiating Stuff.

About Us

Grieving Overwhelmed Widows Negotiating Stuff.

Big deal isn’t that what widows do?...Absolutely it is !

The loss of a spouse or partner is a huge negotiation. Sandra Manning and her partner Jayne Benge know from personal experience just how challenging this can be. However, by learning to use laughter and humour as a therapy in the midst of their grief they truly believe in its benefits, and welcome you to try this for yourselves.


Devastation, despair, fear and pain are all words that a member of GOWNS will be only too familiar with...and it often seems as though words such as smile, laugh and certainly happiness belong to a part of our lives which we assume has left the building, with all the same permanence as those we have lost.


'There are no easy ways around grief' says Jayne 'you cannot go under, around or over it...only through it' Sandra is in complete agreement....'Finding laughter therapy was a major turning point, she adds 'we researched the physical and psychological benefits of laughing...and the best bit? You don't even have to find something funny...just the act of laughing by itself is enough to make you feel better'


Sandra and Jayne

Here at GOWNS we want to share those benefits with you through our workshops and our Facebook page too....this is a closed group so just search for gownsgroup on Facebook or click on the icon at the top of our home page and send a request to join. As soon as we approve your request you will be ready to make those all-important connections with other GOWNS and see how others use humour to help themselves and each other.

Being a Grieving Overwhelmed by no means easy but by sharing those negotiations together and learning how to use humour and laughter, we can say with some confidence that...

To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it - Charlie Chaplin.

Time to Meet Sandra and Jayne

Of course you don’t have to if you don’t want too!

Reality check

A Warning

The GOWNS approach is not for everyone, nor should it be, we are all delightfully different. After reading this section we highly recommend that you navigate to the About You page before deciding whether or not GOWNS is right for you.

As Jayne rightly points out most things that people enjoy come with a warning attached. We do not believe laughing whilst grieving is harmful quite the opposite, and we hope you enjoy all the facilities that the site has to offer, but our warning on the side of the packet is that because humour is subjective and no ‘one size’ fits all, some people may find the content distasteful or even offensive.

Ok I have decided GOWNS is right for me what can I expect?

Cool welcome aboard! Both Sandra and Jayne understand the protective and physiological response to the trauma of loss known as ‘widow brain’ which can affect our ability to concentrate on information to the point of exhaustion, so we have tried to keep things as simple as we can.

About us

The Gowns Family

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About you

A quick questionnaire to help you decide if the GOWNS website is the righ one for you.

Workshops & Events

Here you will find details of workshops and courses promoting the use of

Humour and laughter as a therapy in grief. Any promotional events,

Newsletters etc. Will be highlighted here.

And what can else can i expect?

Sandra's Book


Sandra has written a GOWNS handbook which will be available soon.

It is not a handbook like any other in that it does not provide guidance that is of any use at all!

But it is a highly amusing commentary on her own journey towards forming the concept of GOWNS.

Other books in the series are planned.

The virtual shop will also have a range of branded merchandise to choose from and will provide information on valuable related resources [Coming Soon!]

Video blogs

Family Heart

Again members only, can post their amusing anecdotes in a visual medium.

This can take the form of pieces to camera, short sketches etc. Both of these

Areas are moderated and whilst we encourage the comedic we won’t be

Laughing at the inappropriate …so be warned!!





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Contact us

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