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Grieving Overwhelmed Widows Negotiating Stuff.

Viva Las Vegas!!

Posted by in Gowns News, General News on July 20, 2016 . 0 Comments.

Ooookay people... the big day has finally arrived...Vegas here I come ready or not!

After much deliberation, phoning of friends... not to mention a few tears as I broke the news to several pairs of my sparkly heels, that they had not made the cut, and were no longer destined to make their twinkly debut beneath the famous neon lighting on the sunset strip, as previously promised.

More tough decisions were made when finally the moment arrived for me to close my beautiful citric suitcase... Ok some force was applied, but the mission was accomplished with a very healthy thirty seconds to spare before the taxi arrived, though I do think that its driver was something of a hypocondriac...I mean really? Rattling on about back surgery...what was all that about?

Anyway the pink case was nowhere near as heavy.Yes I did pack both in the end, but only because they had spent so much time side by side on my spare bed during my contemplative period, that to consider separating the siblings at the point of travel seemed almost cruel? 

I know this sounds daft because...well it is...but I actually experienced a bit of a lump in my throat when I watched my cases trundle along the belt, taking the first steps of their own journey towards Vegas.The burden they bore without complaint... (to me they are more like friends now, than the inanimate objects they appear to be to others)...wasn't just about how many kilo's had been foisted upon their ever accommodating orifices...but the way in which they had accepted the burden of responsibility for guarding and safely delivering back to me, a large section of Debenhams ladies wear section, most of the contents of Superdrug...and of course my adored...if somewhat depleted...shoe collection.

I felt a pang of guilt too, soon my precious suitcase family would be consigned to the inhospitable confines of the aircraft hold, whilst here was I enjoying a glass of holiday wine, in nice warm surroundings.

I made a mental note to self to treat them both to something really nice to bring home for me, from the best shops that Vegas has to offer. I felt immediately better.

Airports are fascinating places to be for a people watcher like me...I have often thought that if I had of been inclined towards a criminal disposition then a good plan would be to hijack the departure area of the airport terminal, and quickly relieve all the passengers of their footwear...  always new and expensive trainers...and then open up a store to rival JD sports at minimal cost... of course the fatal flaw in this plan is perhaps...the fact that all these trainers are always white, as it seems is the dictat for holiday footwear. But...if Henry Ford got away with the 'you can have it in any colour as long as it's black' thing...I don't see this as a problem without a similar marketing solution.

Going to have to dash now people the queue at the bar is growing ... and as you all already know I am not blessed with an inordinate amount of patience.

I am hoping that I can get a handle on the tech keep you posted whilst in the land of the free...well free...ish. 

Keep negotiating ...and above all keep smiling.







Last update: July 23, 2016


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