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Grieving Overwhelmed Widows Negotiating Stuff.


Here we find the Gowns News section, where we post latest news about GOWNS Group and other relevant topics.

Posted by in Gowns News on Jun 16, 2016 .

Ooookay people...still getting to grips with how all the features on the site work, which for someone whose technical ability extends to turning things on? Is more of a challenge than it should be for people exisiting in this century of mega bytes and giga wotsits.

However, I digress. As you will see from the book corner I am currently completing the first GOWNS handbook, and one of the topics I explore is the world of internet dating. As GOWNS we all arrive at the point of perhaps contemplating a new relationship in our own time and in our own ways...for some of us this is not something that ever happens at all. I certainly...

Posted by in Gowns News, General News on Jun 09, 2016 .

We launched our website on Friday 10th June.


Posted by in Gowns News on Jun 18, 2016 .

I don't consider myself  to be much of a conformist...I mean by this that ideologically I don't respond well to authority for the sake of it . Political correctness, red tape, bureaucracy and to a large extent 'elf and safety' will often evoke and provoke passionate reaction from me. However, despite this I am essentially a middle aged woman who still buys her knickers from Primark because they are cheap, and I remain susceptible to the marketing ploy that is BOGOF because well...I am a raging hypocrite when it comes to having a socio economic position for example, and then doing nothing more than talk about it.

In my dim and distant...

Posted by in Gowns News on Jun 19, 2016 .
Today is Fathers day... a fact I acknowledge these days with inevitable mixed emotions. My own father is no longer here to give a card to, and I have no excuse now to buy supermarket socks that he would never wear, but which would have unflattering things printed on them such as: To keep the cold out...and the smell in. As a member of GOWNS the father of my own children is not here either. They can no longer inflict their promises of a celebratory lunch upon him, which in reality meant he got to drive to the chosen pub, pay for the meal and drinks and then drive everyone home afterwards. The wry but not discontented smile he...

Posted by in Gowns News on Jun 27, 2016 .

Ooookay people...the holiday season is upon us...but for GOWNS negotiating a holiday for the first time can be a tricky one to tackle.

Jayne and I were lucky to spend our first holiday without our boys together...and this undoubtedly helped a great deal. Inevitably there were tears...but on the whole I think these were well outnumbered by the laughs.

Well it seem's, somewhat unexpectedly, that I am going to be negotiating my 2nd holiday in just a few short weeks time with a trip to the Nevada desert to sample all things Las Vegas...which as someone who has never willingly parted with a coin of any denomination in pursuit of a slot...

Posted by in Gowns News on Jun 30, 2016 .

At 4 o'clock on a summer's day back in another lifetime...the rain clouds parted briefly because it is a British summer we are talking about, and a young bride dared to hope that her wonderful white wedding gown would remain white and wonderful now that the rain had finally stopped, and the sun made a welcome and timely appearance.

I can still remember walking down the aisle to meet Kenny as though it was yesterday and not the the 38 years ago that it will be on the 1st July. Of course  the fact that I am now a member of GOWNS means that my memories of my wedding day can not be spent with the only other person on...

Posted by in Press articles on Jul 05, 2016 .

 GOWNS get publicity !! 

The Rossendale Press have printed an article in which they talk about Sandras situation, her ideas for the website, and our plans for the future and how humour is so important to us.

Check out the article at  :-

Posted by in Gowns News on Jul 06, 2016 .

Ooookay people my trip to the grand old US of A moves ever closer, and simply put I’m just not ready. My bedroom is doing a sterling  impression of the ladies wear department in Debenhams, and even I am ashamed to admit that the shoe thing is now rampantly out of control.

I have still kept some of Kenny’s clothes in our wardrobes… but I have to tell you that they are under serious threat of eviction as space is now at somewhat of a premium. But this is not as easy as it might sound…thanks to the re-appearance of the guilt monkey. I mean here am I, all excited to be leaving for Vegas soon and whose only worry is how heavy my bling, not...