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Grieving Overwhelmed Widows Negotiating Stuff.

Video Blogs

GOWNS understand the therapeutic benefits of humour. Here is the place to catch up with their latest 'negotiations' and to post your own humorous adventures to share with other GOWNS.


GOWNS Do Skypyy

Grieving overwhelmed widows taking on technology

GOWNS Do flat pack

Grieving overwhelmed widows negotiate flat pack



GOWNS Do A Birthday

A grieving overwhelmed widow and her family wish a husband and father a happy birthday in heaven.

GOWNS Do An Anniversary

One widows perspective

GOWNS Missed Launch

The launch of our website

Meet The GOWNS

GOWNS saying hello and welcome

GOWNS Do Laughter Therapy

GOWNS understanding that if you can learn to laugh again, so you can learn to live again.

When Filming Goes Wrong

When filming goes wrong comments go here...

Gowns do Ibiza

The Gowns Do Ibiza comments here...